When you tie your scarf, the first rule is be fearless. A scarf is such a style statement that just wearing one makes you look unique and chic. And since most people don’t know how to tie a scarf, they will assume that whatever you did up there around your neck is fine. So go ahead, get one out from wherever you stash them and learn how to tie a scarf below.

Here’s my favorite knot for a square scarf.

Fold the scarf in half on the diagonal so you have a triangle shape.  Drape the triangle in front of you and cross the ends behind your neck. Bring those ends forward so they’re on each side of the triangle and tie them together in a square knot that lays on top of the triangle.  Now, gently tug on the part of the scarf that’s above the square knot so that it becomes a bit like a turtleneck. Then fold that piece over the knot so the knot is hidden and the turtleneck part is draped in front of the triangle. 

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The scarf pictured is called Afternoon on Fifth. Something about the warm, waning afternoon light, when the frantic day is almost done is captured here by the designers at Loro Piana. They made Fifth Ave look homey, quaint and sharply elegant all at once.