Your most comfortable clothes could be a pair of leather pants or a work suit. Or, it’s entirely possible that your most comfortable clothes are a pink dress with a layer of tulle spread two feet around you in a circle. It depends on the fit, the feel against your skin and mostly, your essential style.

Comfortable clothes are the pieces that fit you, feel good next to your skin and have a pattern, texture or style detail that soothes you or pleases you in an essential way.


My coziest clothes are denim and the fit needs to be snug and the feel has to be soft. I especially love distressed denim, denim jackets that are snug, denim skirts with fringed edges or jeans with embroidery on the back pockets. But if I don’t pair it with something edgy or eye-catching then my comfortable clothes feel like messy pajamas instead. More than anything, I love denim with a sexy black hat and that’s my essential style coming right through.


Lately, my comfortable clothes have to be intentional also. Check out the black tape Love belt. That’s from Black fashion designer Undra Celeste. It’s her version of a tape belt by another Black designer, Virgil Abloo. Her’s is for love and his is for caution. It was very important for me to support the #BLM demonstrations of Summer 2020 by spending my budget on Black fashion items.


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