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& Image Coaching

Your closet should make you feel confident and pleased each time you look in.  As a personal stylist with over ten years of experience, I’m trained to help you find your unique personal style and shop for clothes that fit, flatter and look fabulous. Your outfits will be beautiful and an expression of your true self and style.  

My personal stylist process works both in-person and virtually. It begins with a style assessment that focuses on your inner self and includes your optimal patterns, colors and fit.  We also review your closet to find your core capsule items and show you how to spend wisely, wear what you own and mix and match.  Next we source and shop for your clothes. And we make sure that everything you bought fits, flatters and works in complete outfits.  When you’re at home getting dressed, you’ll have outfit photos in your Online Closet that tell you exactly what to wear everyday.

Even now, in this challenging time of COVID-19, I’m able to style you using virtual image tools. It’s my pleasure to see you happy in your clothes, no matter what. Send me an email and let’s get started! Or read on for more about my services. 

1>Style Assessment

Your style journey begins with an assessment that helps us both understand what you want from your clothes and your life. 

Either virtually or in person, we will use my own style tool called Dress Your Dreams that shows us who you are and matches you with the perfect patterns, colors and fit.  We do a Kwik Color review of your personal colors and give you a handout or color strip you can keep.  And you take a style quiz that tells us all about the clothes you really need, right now in the body and state of mind you are in. Clients tell me the style assessment makes everything clear.


2>Online Sourcing or Personal Shopping

I have years of experience sourcing clothes online for clients and even more expertise shopping in the stores. I offer a virtual closet that allows me to source items for you and store pictures in your online closet that have links so you can purchase easily.  When we visit stores together, I set up the dressing room before you arrive with coordinated ensembles and assist you around the store while you try on. 

3>Closet Capsules 

Either virtually or together, I am with you all the way as you tackle your unruly closet. We search through the clothes you already own and locate the ones that flatter, fit, express your style and suit your life.  Then we create 12 item capsules that make about 50 outfits.  They are based on the neutral colors that suit you and the types of clothes that flatter your body shape.  Capsules include linking pieces in colors, patterns and accessories that you love and enjoy wearing.   You can have as many capsules as you want and your closet will still give you amazing outfits and will be organized too.  

4>Fit & Flatter

Mix & Match

After we purchase new clothes, I’m there – either virtually or in person – to check on fit and to find out if the items are right for you. Then I mix and match what you own with what we bought and make sure your 12 piece closet capsules are complete. Finally I create outfits that are creative, in good taste and reflect the real you. And to make sure you don’t forget, I take pictures and store them in your virtual closet.

About Kerry

I am a Personal Stylist and the founder of The First Look Image Consulting. I left my corporate sales position in 2007 and trained at The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, the Association for Image Consultants International, the Image Resource Center of New York and Fashion Feng Shui International.  I’ve taught courses in corporate training programs at GE, IBM, KPMG, J&J and BMW and was a graduate instructor at Seton Hall University with full responsibility for Freshman English courses.  The principles of art, design and image that I learned at FIT form the bedrock of my client consultations.  My specific approach to to clients is a combination of professional principles plus insightful and powerful recommendations on dressing for self-expression, joy and the pursuit of an intentional life.

Your Style Can Be Easy

Download my five point Wardrobe Makeover system that I developed while training at The Fashion Institute of Technology.

  • Fit – Is the item in your size or within one size up or down of your current size?
  • Flatter – Does the item flatter your body’s silhouette?
  • Like – Do you really like it? I mean, really? Some items should be stored away separately from the clothes, as keepsakes or as gifts.
  • Accessories – Does the accessory work within your current style? Or, does the item require accessorizing so that it becomes part of a complete ensemble?
  • Color – Does the color of the item make you look fresh, happy and healthy or tired and ill?
  • Kerry – In the well-informed opinion of the stylist, can the item be altered or fixed so that it remains useful? Or is it a designer or vintage item that can be sold? Finally does the item express your current and up-to-date style?

Fill out the style survey and send it back to me. It helps me assess your style and your appearance so that we can talk about the best clothes to make you look great and feel amazing.

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"Image Coaching with Kerry makes my interactions with the C-Suite more confident and successful. Now, I never waste my time in the closet or wonder about my presentation. I know absolutely that I’m polished in appearance and my self presentation is bold and genuine. It makes my relationships better and that’s where my passion is when I’m at work, with people.”

– Wendy Branch

“For the fourth year in a row, thank you for bringing your energy and insight to our class! You put a lot into a short time, and we really appreciate the energy you put into the session. Much of the feedback from the day singled you out as the highlight! Next year, it’s clear, more time is necessary."

– Mary Knowles

"I am so grateful to Kerry for the outstanding service she provided me. She changed my life! Now, instead of constantly shopping, I relax, enjoy my wardrobe and put together multiple outfits that I know are amazing. I couldn’t be happier!"

– Sue Kelleher