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My clients call me for help with their personal style and wardrobe questions for so many reasons! They’ve started dating. They’ve been promoted. They need to network and interview. They don’t have the time to shop. They don’t get any real results when they shop. They have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. Some are just ready to look and feel authentic and amazing at the same time. I’ve seen it all!

Your personal styling sessions will be like no other shopping or dressing experience you’ve had before. This time it will all work out and you will feel confident and fabulous! In the store, you’ll actually find the clothes you love and need. And at home when you get dressed, you’ll have outfit photos in your Online Closet that tell you exactly what to wear everyday.

It’s my passion to see you happy in your clothes. Send me an email and let’s get started!

What I Do

Certified in Image and Infectious in Approach

Clients tell me that I’ve solved a serious problem in their lives. Instead of standing in front of the closet, wasting time and getting confused, clients simply refer to their multiple outfit photos from their own online closet and get dressed with ease. Also, my clients get create compliments on how they look.

Clients work with me because my passion for clothes is infectious and I help both men and women change their clothes and, ultimately, change their lives.

Personal Shopping

Can’t stand to shop? Get overwhelmed and can’t find help in the store? I have extensive experience shopping for both men and women. Allow me to assist!

I set up the dressing room before you arrive with coordinated ensembles and assist you around the store while you try on. I know the brands that fit you in particular, the fabrics that will please and the colors that enliven you especially. Often I know the staff, the policies and when the sales are on.

Shop Your Closet

Do you have a closet full of clothes and feel like you’ve nothing to wear? I can help. If your clothes don’t fit, don’t suit your current life or work and they don’t feel great when you put them on then you will absolutely benefit from a Shop Your Closet session. I help you decide which items to immediately let go of, what to save and which ones fit, flatter and are the beginning of a useful and beautiful wardrobe. We also create a shopping list of the items you need to make your look complete.

1-On-1 Styling

Do you wear the same outfits over and over? Not after this session! I will use my creativity, good taste and expertise to create fabulous new outfits that flatter and reflect the real you. This appointment can happen either after shopping or we can use the clothes you already have in your closet. And to make sure you don’t forget, I take pictures and store them in a private Online Closet you can view from any device.

Online Styling

Do you want to skip the stores altogether? Or are you overwhelmed by online shopping? Let me assist you! On a video call, we talk about your roles, how you want to look and what you most dislike about your clothes. After that, I go to a range of online sites and send you links to clothes that you order. Next you try on, I advise on which ones to keep and then I create new outfits. All this is stored in your Online Closet and you can access it from any device.

Your Style Can Be Easy

Download my five point Wardrobe Makeover system that I developed while training at The Fashion Institute of Technology.

  • Fit – Is the item in your size or within one size up or down of your current size?
  • Flatter – Does the item flatter your body’s silhouette?
  • Like – Do you really like it? I mean, really? Some items should be stored away separately from the clothes, as keepsakes or as gifts.
  • Accessories – Does the accessory work within your current style? Or, does the item require accessorizing so that it becomes part of a complete ensemble?
  • Color – Does the color of the item make you look fresh, happy and healthy or tired and ill?
  • Kerry – In the well-informed opinion of the stylist, can the item be altered or fixed so that it remains useful? Or is it a designer or vintage item that can be sold? Finally does the item express your current and up-to-date style?

Fill out the style survey and send it back to me. It helps me assess your style and your appearance so that we can talk about the best clothes to make you look great and feel amazing.

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"Image Coaching with Kerry makes my interactions with the C-Suite more confident and successful. Now, I never waste my time in the closet or wonder about my presentation. I know absolutely that I’m polished in appearance and my self presentation is bold and genuine. It makes my relationships better and that’s where my passion is when I’m at work, with people.”

– Wendy Branch

“For the fourth year in a row, thank you for bringing your energy and insight to our class! You put a lot into a short time, and we really appreciate the energy you put into the session. Much of the feedback from the day singled you out as the highlight! Next year, it’s clear, more time is necessary."

– Mary Knowles

"I am so grateful to Kerry for the outstanding service she provided me. She changed my life! Now, instead of constantly shopping, I relax, enjoy my wardrobe and put together multiple outfits that I know are amazing. I couldn’t be happier!"

– Sue Kelleher